Sapphire Releases Radeon HD 7990 6GB Malta

Published: 24th Apr 2013, 00:14 GMT

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Sapphire HD 7990 (1)

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that it will start shipping the HD 7990 – the fastest graphics card available based on the highly acclaimed graphics GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture from AMD.

The SAPPHIRE HD 7990 has a dual GPU architecture with a total of 4096 Stream processors and core clock speeds of 1GHz (with Boost enabled), delivering up to 8.2 TeraFlops of compute power. It is equipped with 6GB of the latest DDR5 memory, and its output configuration of Dual-Link DVI plus four DisplayPorts supports up to 5 simultaneous displays in AMD Eyefinity. A large heatpipe assembly cooled by three axial fans ensures that the card runs quietly even under load.

AMD’s GCN architecture and driver suite is optimised to display the greatest image quality in gaming and this latest card delivers the highest performance yet – and the fastest frame rates in even the most demanding games. It also provides enhanced performance in a wide range of applications using the stream processing capabilities and specific hardware features of this graphics architecture. Typical examples include Video encoding and decoding, compression and multiplexing for media distribution, and video conferencing as well as accelerating specific supported applications.

Output4 x Mini-DisplayPort
1 x Dual-Link DVI-I
GPU950(Boost:1000) MHz Core Clock
28 nm Chip
4096(2048×2) x Stream Processors
Video Memory768(384-Bit X2) -bit GDDR5
Dimension305(L)x100(W)x37(H) mm Size.
2 x slot
Software Driver CD
8 in 1 Game Coupons (Crysis 3/ Bioshock Infinite/ Tomb Raider/ FarCry3/ Deus Ex: Human Revolution/ Hitman: Absolution/ Sleeping Dogs/ FarCry3: Blood Dragon )
Accessory CrossFire™ Bridge Interconnect Cable
DVI to HDMI Adapter
Mini-DP to DP Cable
Mini DP to SL-DVI Passive dongle
Mini Display Port to SL-DVI Active dongle

The HD 7990 comes with the greatest game bundle ever*. As part of AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded campaign, the bundle includes access codes to eight of the latest and most exciting games, including BioShock Infinite, Crysis3, FarCry3, and TombRaider.

The SAPPHIRE HD 7990 starts shipping from April 24th 2013.

*From participating etailers and retailers


Sapphire HD 7990 (4)

Sapphire HD 7990 (3)

Sapphire HD 7990 (2)

Sapphire HD 7990 (5)

Sapphire HD 7990 (6)


Sapphire HD 7990 (7)

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