NVIDIA To Release New Graphics Cards By June

Published: 15th Apr 2013, 09:39 GMT


GeForce GTX TITAN LE vs GTX 780

According to Fudzilla NVIDIA will showcase a new graphics card in May, just before the Computex 2013 takes place (June 4th). The site did in fact refer to GeForce 7, as if it would indicate GeForce 700 series, however the story is more complex, and may actually be slightly different that what we might see.

The source claims that NVIDIA assured its partners that they will have a new product to sell. Long story short, it means NVIDIA will have a new reference card in its lineup. What is unclear at the moment, is which series will this card represent. A person which is frequently visiting our site will instantly connect this story with the alleged GK110-based GeForce GTX TITAN LE. However, this is where the story gets blurry. What we know for sure is that NVIDIA will stick to 28nm process for a while. It’s highly unlikely that they would prepare a completely new GPU. So the question to ask is are we waiting for TITAN LE or GeForce GTX 780? Or more precisely is NVIDIA going to start a new series this June? Well we’ve all waited for new cards, but since we have a TITAN, which is already 20-30% faster than GTX 680, then how can they possibly add a new card in this gap (which would represent a new series)? I brought that percentage for a reason, usually each series bumps the performance by a similar number. The TITAN should be treated as such, the next series. But then you might ask, why is this card priced so high? My theory is that they will continue with TITAN series, with a new 5GB model, which we’ve all seen. Thus, I don’t believe NVIDIA will actually replace it’s GTX 680. Most likely they will keep the prices of GTX 680 and TITAN, and bring a budget version of GK110 graphics card priced somewhere in between.

It’s worth noting that many manufacturers actually made a separate sections for so called TITAN series. They wouldn’t make them if there was only one card out there, right?

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Source: Fudzilla

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