AMD Adds Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon to Never Settle Bundle Reloaded

Published: 11th Apr 2013, 13:40 GMT

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Logo

AMD will include a new game to its Never Settle Bundle promotion. Starting from May 1st, all new and existing customers who purchased Radeon HD 7700+ card will receive Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for free.

This is the first promotion that will be retroactive, meaning everyone who redeemed their Never Settle Bundle Reloaded coupon in the past, will automatically receive a free key for the new Far Cry 1980’s themed Expansion ($14.99 USD Value).

By May 1, any customer that has ever redeemed a code for our Never Settle Reloaded promotion is going to receive a FREE GAME KEY for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon by email. Or, if you have a Never Settle Reloaded postcard with a code you’ve not yet redeemed, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will be added to the games on the postcard when you finally register the code.

The new edition, or a small reboot if you wish, of the Never Settle Reloaded will now include Radeon HD 7700 GHz Edition graphics card. With this particular card AMD packs both original and the new expansion of the Far Cry. People who purchased Radeon HD 7900 or HD 7800 series card will now receive three games for free.

You can learn more details from the chart below.

AMD Never Settle Bundle Reloaded May 2013

Source: TechReport, AnandTech

by WhyCry

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