Gigabyte Rolls Out Radeon HD 7790 with 2GB of Memory

Published: 30th Mar 2013, 10:18 GMT

Gigabyte HD 7790 OC 2GB (2)

Gigabyte quietly added a 2GB version of its Radeon HD 7790. This card is in fact the first 2GB model of the HD 7790 on the market.

The Gigabyte Radeon HD 7790 OC Edition (GV-R779OC-2GD) features a WindForce 2X cooling solution. In comparison to the 1GB model it received a considerably longer PCB and even more efficient cooler. There are few variants of the WindForce 2X system, the one mounted on the new HD 7790 is a Triangle Cool model, which is reserved only for the fastest cards (that’s besides the WindForce 3X). The new card is also equipped with the Ultra Durable 2 technology, which is responsible for stability and longevity of the components.

The card is clocked at the same speed as 1GB model — 1075 MHz for the GPU and 6 GHz for memory. The memory bus was obviously not changed and it still remains at 128-bit width. It supports AMD Eyefinity, EyeSpeed, CrossFire X, Avivo HD. The data on the site doesn’t say anything about the power connectors, but it’s surely limited on one 6-pin.

The new Radeon HD 7790 2GB should be available on April 2nd, according to the retailer. The card is listed for £142.52, or $201 AUD.

Gigabyte HD 7790 OC 2GB (1)

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