AMD Unveils Reference Radeon HD 7990

Published: 27th Mar 2013, 01:30 GMT

AMD Radeon HD 7990 Reference
Well, here it is you can say. Something that was speculated for over a year. AMD has showcased its reference design of the Radeon HD 7990 at GDC 2013

Yes, it’s the same design which was shown in June 2012, with cosmetic changes. The cooler shroud receive a more dynamic look, also red bars were added to the sides. The PCB is black and it’s covered with a backplate on the back. What we can notice is the triple-fan cooling solution which is mounted on the large heat sink over the GPUs. The GPUs are nothing other than Tahiti cores, which packed together are called Malta. The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is a counterpart to Titan, which is a surprising move, since this is a dual-gpu card and it will consume significantly more power, but of course this is just a speculation at this point, because AMD did not reveal anything more.

The Radeon HD 7990 is expected to hit the shelves on the second half of this year. AMD will most likely launch its new reference card for a price of $1000, which in comparison the to non-reference designs already on the market, would be a bad move.

AMD Radeon HD 7990 Reference (1)

AMD Radeon HD 7990 Reference (2)

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