AMD Radeon HD 7790 To Be Released This Week

Published: 19th Mar 2013, 03:28 GMT

According to 3DCenter, AMD is to launch its latest addition to mid-range segment — Radeon HD 7790 — to week.

The HD 7790, which is based on Bonaire GPU, a 28nm GCN architecture, is the first desktop graphics card which AMD is preparing to launch. We already know the exact specs and it’s performance thanks to the leak by SweClockers. Bonaire is a new GPU, which was supposedly made for mobile market, but it ended up with the HD 7790. It has 768 Stream processors, 1 or 2GB of GDDR5 memory across 128-bit interface. The interesting fact is that the GPU is allegedly equipped with 896 processors, but the 7790 comes only with 768 enabled. If that’s really true, then maybe a simple mod could unlock the missing cores.

The Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X specs revealed 1075 MHz clock, but this was a factory-overclocked configuration. The reference board, if it even exists, would feature a clock close to 1GHz. The memory might be clocked at 6GHz (Dual-X has 6.4 Gbps effective speed).

We still haven’t seen the images of the reference model, but if any picture goes online, make sure to check VideoCardz to see it. AMD Radeon HD 7790 samples are already being shipped to the reviewers, which means we will see more leaks in the upcoming days. Card is expected to be officially announced on Thursday or Friday.



TechPowerUP released a new version of GPU-Z 0.6.9. The changelog mentions “Fixed shader count on HD 7790”, which suggests that the screenshot released by SweClockers might have given a wrong readings. 896 Stream processors then?

by WhyCry

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