MSI Preparing GeForce GTX Titan with TwinFrozr Cooling

Published: 27th Feb 2013, 03:30 GMT

MSI GeForce GTX Titan TwinFrozr

MSI is preparing a new custom version of the GeForce GTX Titan. The picture attached to the press release indicates that the company is readying a new version of TwinFrozr cooler, probably the 5th-Edition.

The new iteration of the TwinFrozr cooling solution will be kept in a red and black color scheme, which will contrast with the yellow Lightning and Blue Hawk/Power Editions. Despite the picture being so small, we can see it’s just a cooler, with no card in the back. Meaning it’s unclear (for now), if the PCB will be modified too. However it would be strange if not, although NVIDIA said AIBs would not be allowed to stray from the reference PCB layout very much at all. What we can expect from this card are quite possibly Military Class III components, increased stock power limit and obviously higher clocks.

Nothing else was said, so we have to wait until CeBIT 2013 to learn more details about this card.

Now you’re Gaming with MSI
Also on display are a new class of MSI graphics card. Distinguishable by a new red color scheme on the cool Twin Frozr these graphics cards are designed to complete an all MSI gaming setup much like the record-holding Lightning graphics cards fit the Z77 MPOWER. These new graphics cards are the first addition to an MSI Gaming ecosystem, where gamers can mix and match MSI Gaming products for even better performance. You can also see MSI’s latest GeForce TITAN graphics card as well as MSI’s renowned line of record breaking Lightning graphics cards, the overclockers favorite pacing through the exclusive MSI Fire Strike Tech Demo in the new 3DMark.

by WhyCry

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