EKWB Preparing A Water Block For GeForce GTX Titan

Published: 15th Feb 2013, 13:50 GMT

EKWB GTX Titan WaterBlock Idea (2)

Well we haven’t even seen the actual Titan PCB design yet, but obviously EK Water Blocks has.  They are conducting a voting poll on their upcoming design for Titan’s full coverage water block.

EKWB wants to make it clear the PCB pictured behind their water block designs are in no way a representation of Titan.  The only thing you are really voting on is what design their CNC machines will carve into the top of the water block (meaning the block design is most likely already completed).  It is cool that EKWB is allowing you to vote on your favorite design, in which presumably the winner will be the final retail product.  I personally prefer the first pictured design; please comment and tell us which design you voted for (1-3).

Titan is on the way and EKWB already has a water block designed and most likely ready to go with or near the launch!  I can feel a 1000 MHz+ Titan with 6GB of 7000 MHz VRAM already, world records here we come…


EKWB Newsletter:

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, has opened a poll on EK-ThinkCell site where you can vote and choose your favorite design for the upcoming nVidia Geforce Titan Full Coverage series water block as well as the redesign of the existing EK-Supremacy CPU water block.

EKWB GTX Titan WaterBlock Idea (3)

EKWB GTX Titan WaterBlock Idea (1)


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