Colorful Launches Single-Slot iGame GeFore GTX 650 Ti

Published: 21st Jan 2013, 03:26 GMT

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Colorful Single-Slot iGame GTX 650Ti (2)

Colorful announces the world’s first single slot GeForce GTX650Ti, which is named iGame GTX650Ti 1G Buri-Slim. Colorful firstly used the single slot design on iGame GTS450 1G Buri-Slim, which was released on the early time of 2011. And we could also find some similar design ideas on this iGame GTX650Ti Buri-Slim.

No ordinary solid capacitors are used on this card, but only high-C POSCAP capacitors, and with the high efficient ON-SEMI MOSFET, it has 3+1 phases of VRM. The chokes are installed through the PCB, they are based on penetrated design, so it could maximum improve the thermal performance of the card.

The heat-sink is made up by a copper base, aluminum fins and a turbofan. The shell of the heat-sink is made of Aluminum, which looks stylish and helpful for the heat radiation. The iGame GTX650Ti Buri-Slim is set the core clock for 928 MHz and memory clock for 5400 MHz. It has two of EMI-shield Dual-link DVI ports and one mini-HDMI port.

SourceColorful Single-Slot iGame GTX 650Ti (1)

Colorful Single-Slot iGame GTX 650Ti (3)

Colorful Single-Slot iGame GTX 650Ti (4)

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