Meet Aruba, Curacao, Hainan and Bonaire, The Codenames of Radeon HD 8000 Series

Published: 7th Jan 2013, 02:19 GMT

If you found previous posts about the new series quite confusing, since there was no solid information about the naming, then you will be even more perplexed with the latest leak.

So it appears that AMD will use two different names for their series, one for the desktop Radeon HD 8000, and the second one for the mobile Radeon HD 8000M. As far as mobile segment was already covered few weeks ago, the desktop was still quite a mystery. Months ago, a leak from drivers provided some basic information about Mars, Oland and Venus GPUs. It was party true, but some of these GPUs ware for mobile cards and the other for desktop. Just remember that mobile units are not always corresponding to the same GPUs used with the dekstop models. Quite possibly the HD 8970M might use HD 8870 processor.

Codenames of the AMD Radeon HD 8000 “Sea Islands” desktop graphics cards:

  • Oland: an entry-level segment of Radeon HD 8500 and Radeon HD 8600 graphics cards.
    Quite possibly this will be the same GCN 1.0 based GPUs which are already on the marked. Expect some fresh rebrands here.
  • Bonaire: A mid-range segment of Radeon HD 8700 models.
    This is where the gaming starts. I’m not going to predict the exact names for each GPU yet, because these are not always the same for previous generations. I’m hoping that the performance will at least be similar to current HD 7800 series.
  • Hainan: A performance graphics cards from Radeon HD 8800 series.
    This should end up with the Radeon HD 8870 based on Hainan XT and Radeon HD 8850 with Hainan Pro.
  • Curacao:  A high-end models of Radeon HD 8900 graphics cards.
    So this would be the GPU we will be writing about in the upcoming months. I’m not really a fan of this name, but it’s surely unique. So  what is it going to be? Curacao XT for Radeon HD 8970 and Curacao Pro for Radeon HD 8950?
  • Aruba: dual-gpu Curacao based graphics card
    This would be the HD 8990. I’m quite sure that the only part of this graphics cards that will survive through the development process is just this name. We all know what happened to New Zealand…

The mobile market is beyond the scope of this blog (we only focus on dedicated desktop graphics cards), but this might be a good end to all previous leaks about the might Venux XT.

Codenames of the AMD Radeon HD 8000 “Solar System” mobile graphics cards:

  • Mars: An entry-level Radeon HD 8500M-8600M cards
  • Sun: a mid-range series of Radeon HD 8700M models
  • Neptune: A performance segment of Radeon HD 8800M
  • Venus: High-end mobile units of Radeon HD 8900M, most probably this will be the same GPUs which will be used with the desktop HD 8800. Also note that according to previous leaks this was supposed to be a desktop unit. As you can see this is a mobile unit, meaning that Radeon HD 8970 will use Curacao instead.

The big question is: when? It’s hard to say, because we have no valid source at the moment. The community of graphics cards enthusiasts says: the sooner the better. Most importantly, you should better wait for both teams, red and green, to show their firsts graphics cards though. First quarter, or the beginning of the second is in the streams right now.

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by WhyCry

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