AMD To Launch Radeon HD 7930 In Mid-November

Published: 5 years ago

AMD Purportedly Working on Radeon HD 7930
According to the news provided by HT4U, AMD may launch a new Tahiti LE based graphics card this month.

The first leaks regarding a new graphics card based on Tahiti LE silicon surfaced few months ago, where a new driver listing mentioned such GPU. It’s yet unclear what is the exact name of this model, but considering this would still be a Tahiti chip, then there’s only one possibility — Radeon HD 7930. However the source is mentioning that the name would actually be based on HD 7800 series — possibly Radeon HD 7870 Boost Edition.

As for the Tahiti LE, current rumors are not very detailed, but according to previous leaks this crippled GPU would offer 1536 stream processors along with full 32 ROPs from other high-end models.

AMD is probably targeting a performance segment of recently launched GeForce GTX 660 and 660 Ti. This would be somewhere between Radeon HD 7870 and HD 7950 non-Boost Edition.

It’s worth mentioning that the same thing happened almost a year ago, when AMD launched its Radeon HD 6930. Back then, that new graphics card was called a ‘new entry high-performance class gpu’.

So if the rumors are true, then AMD Radeon HD 7930 or 7870 Boost Edition would be launched in mid November for a price between $260 and $280.

Rumored specification of Radeon HD 7930

  Radeon HD 7870 Radeon HD 7930 Radeon HD 7950
GPU Pitcairn XT Tahiti LE Tahiti Pro
Compute Units 20 24 28
Texture Mapping Units 80 96 112
Raster Operating Units 32 32 32
Stream Processors 1280 1536 1792
Performance 95% 100% 105%

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