AMD Announces Never Settle Game Bundles and Catalyst 12.11 Drivers

Published: 22nd Oct 2012, 01:39 GMT

AMD Announces Never Settle Game Bundles and Catalyst 12.11

It’s definitely AMD day today. After launching Catalyst 12.11 drivers, which provide a noticeable performance boost for each Radeon card, the company is also announcing a new promotion for newly purchased cards.

For every Radeon HD 7950, HD 7970 (GE) you will receive a Steam cupons for FarCry 3, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs. If you decide to buy two Radeon HD 7800 cards or two Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, then you will get FarCry 3 and Hitman. Also for a single HD 7800 or HD 7770 model there’s FarCry for free. It’s worth to mention that for every single model from Radeon HD 7770 to 7970 there’s a 20% off coupon for Medal of Honor Warfigther. So if you were planning to buy some of those games, but wasn’t sure which graphics cards to grab, then you should have your answer.

AMD has also launched its new Catalyst 12.11 driver. It appears that the driver provides substantial performance boost for each HD 7000 series card. This new driver was reviewed by techPowerUP and here are overall results:

  • HD 7750: +4%
  • HD 7770: +5%
  • HD 7850: +4%
  • HD 7870: +10%
  • HD 7950: +7%
  • HD 7970: +7%
  • HD 7970 GHz: +7%

Intersting facts: Radeon HD 7870 is now faster than reference model of GeForce GTX 660. Radeon HD 7950 has now slightly better performance than GeForce GTX 660 Ti. And finally the most interesting part: the fastest single-gpu graphics card is now Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition after beating up the GeForce GTX 680 (only by few percent, but it’s still faster).

You can see the full list here.

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