Galaxy Rolls Out GeForce GT 610 MDT

Published: 18th Oct 2012, 02:00 GMT

Gigabyte Rolls Out GeForce GT 610 MDT
Galaxy has quietly added a good solution from entry level segment for multi-display enthusiasts.

Although GeForce GT 610 is not believed to be a gaming card, there are people who actually don’t need graphics card for gaming. This is an example how entry level cards have changed throughout recent years.

Galaxy GT 610 MDT is a third GT610 launched by this manufacturer. While conserving a single-slot design it actually offers a connection for four displays. However this is only possible through special DSM-59 to 2xDVI adapter. The GPU is clocked at 810 MHz. Since this is a 40nm Fermi GPU based card it still offers shaders clock of 1620 MHz. GT 610 MDT is packed with 48 CUDA cores and 64-bit wide memory interface.

by WhyCry

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