Sea Islands To Feature Only 15% Performance Increase?

Published: 11th Oct 2012, 14:52 GMT Forums

Sea Islands Performance Hit By Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

AMD’s upcoming GPU line, Sea Islands (successor to Southern Islands), have been speculated on across many hardware sites since the end of the 7900 series. First, what we are almost certain of is this series of GPUs will not be released in 2012, rather it is being reported as March 2013 by

Now comes the interesting new information, AMD promised AIBs an increase of around 30% vs. their current Southern Islands generation. However SemiAccurate is reporting this amount of performance increase to be a rather radical claim as they are citing “more measured sources” as showing only a 15% increase in performance. Users with the top of the line AMD product, the 7970 Gigahertz Edition, have seen the large power draw Tahiti XT uses when OC’d. This can also be seen by the lack of any 7990 by AMD themselves; instead AIBs have created their own 7990, all of which require 3x 8 Pin power connections. This makes AMD’s next iteration most likely power bound (as S.A. says) and obviously, just like any silicon based hardware manufacturer, die size bound by cost.

These two pieces of information solidify the final the rumor, which is that the number of Stream Processors will only be increased slightly. As I’m sure many of you know, increase of SPs not only increase TDP but also increases the mm^2 of the die. As we get closer to the launch of the product I’m sure we will get more details on how solid these rumors are or are not; they do call themselves Semi Accurate for a reason.

Written by Keith H.

by WhyCry

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