MSI GTX 660 Hawk Edition with TwinFrozr IV Cooling Detailed

Published: 19th Sep 2012, 07:45 GMT

MSI GeForce GTX 660 HAWK Exposed - Fastest Clocked GTX 660 with 1176MHz Boost Clock
You might remember the post about MSI GTX 660 Power Edition, were some basic specs regarding GTX 660 graphics card were revealed. As I thought, it was a mockup, but it had one element which was true. MSI is indeed preparing the GTX 660 with similar Twin Frozr IV cooling, known from that very slide.

So it turns out it’s not a Power Edition, but a Hawk Edition graphics card. Expreview posted today few pictures of it, including even it’s PCB. Well it’s different than GTX 660 Ti Power Edition, for instance, there’s an additional heat pipe on the top or there’s one SLI connector missing. As for the board, it looks nothing like reference, since it’s packed with 8+2 phase VRM, from-in-one Golden SSC and key voltage measurements. Most interestingly, it might be the fastest GTX 660 on the market. This card has 1110 MHz base clock and 1176 MHz boost clock (that’s about 50MHz more than ASUS TOP model), while the memory clock is left untouched at 1502 MHz. By default GTX 660 arrives with a single 6-pin power connector, but MSI equipped this card with two, so this may give you the idea about it’s overclocking capabilities.

Card is featuring a Twin Frozr IV cooling solution, which is utilizing two 90mm fans, a large full-cover aluminum heatsink and four heatpipes. If that’s not enough, then there’s even a backplate with a slot for MSI’s power reactor module.

by WhyCry

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