NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti To Be Released on October 9th

Published: 18th Sep 2012, 14:07 GMT

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti To Be Released on October 9th
According to Heise.de NVIDIA is planning to launch its GTX 650 Ti graphics card on October 9th.

Some reliable sources claim that GTX 650 Ti would be launched on October 9th, which is Tuesday. We are currently expecting two other cards based on Kepler GK106 GPU. GeForce GTX 650 Ti would probably be one of such iterations. It’s yet unknown how would this card differ in comparison to GeForce GTX 660. Most likely though, NVIDIA will disable one Graphics Processing Cluster, which would result in 192 CUDA cores and 16 TMUs missing.

Possible specifications of GeForce GTX 650 Ti:

1. 768 CUDA Cores, 64 TMUs, 24 ROPs, 1.5/2GB
2. 960 CUDA Cores, 80 TMUs, 16 ROPs, 1/2GB

We are also expecting a third GK106 based card, codenamed GTX 650 SE or GTS 650, which would target $120-$150 segment. The GTX 650 Ti would cost between $160 to $200.

GeForce GTX 650 Ti would have a comparable performance to Radeon HD 7850, but guys over NVIDIA will surely target Radeon HD 7770 with their marketing.

It’s worth noticing that there are no more rumors floating around the web about Radeon HD 7830 or HD 7930. Plans for such cards (if ever existed), might went the same way as HD 7990.

Many thanks to Skr13 for a tip

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