AFOX Launches GeForce GTX 650

Published: 18th Sep 2012, 06:15 GMT

AFOX Launches GeForce GTX 650
Last week was full with new graphics cards releases. There are however few companies which have launched their cards without much hype around it, few days later. One of such manufacturers is AXLE with their GTX 650.

AXLE’s GeForce GTX 650 is based on reference PCB, but with custom cooling solution. There’s only one picture of this card, so it’s hard to notice few details, like what’s the height of this card. The bracket is single, but the cooler looks like dual-slot design. It’s a solution with one large fan in the middle. Card is rather short (14.5cm), so it will fit in many HTPCs. As for the clocks, this model has reference configuration of 1059 MHz for GPU clock and 5GHz for memory.

This card will be rather hard to get (AXLE is quite unique brand on the market). There is no information about the pricing.

by WhyCry

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