Sparkle Announces its GeForce GTX 650 Dragon Cyclone Series

Published: 13th Sep 2012, 07:20 GMT

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Sparkle Computer :: Innovative Graphics Card
SPARKLE, one of the leading manufacturers of graphics solutions launches two new products – SPARKLE GTX650 OC Dragon Cyclone & SPARKLE GTX650 OC. The latest series features a 384 CUDA cores packed GPU, 128Bit 1024MB GDDR5 memory, and both tweaked with above reference core clocks for OC Dragon Cyclone & OC edition to meet all user requirements.

A member of the Kepler GK107 family, the SPARKLE GTX 650 OC Dragon Cyclone & SPARKLE GTX 650 OC provides the BEST performance to price ratio in its category. SPARKLE R&D team have utilized the new SPARKLE GTX650 GPU to allow for maximum performance, allowing it too boost graphics system performance. The latest series allows support for the latest technology to improve multimedia performance and HD entertainment like Microsoft DirectX 11, NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA CUDA. Utilizing NVIDIA surround gamers can easily build a three monitors system without Display Port output.

The SPARKLE Dragon Cyclone cooling system has an exchangeable fan structure allowing the user to fit one of three different 90mm fan design in to suit their needs. This system allows for more air flow, wider coverage, easy cleaning giving flexibility to the user’s needs. The 90mm double claw blade design, easily generates 20% more air flow and dissipates the heat from solid fan base structure fully covers key components. The SPARKLE GTX650 OC is fitted with the Efficient Mode fan, while SPARKLE GTX650 OC Dragon Cyclone is also fitted with the Efficient Mode fan but is also bundled with Turbo Mode and Silent Mode.

Dragon Cyclone Efficient Mode, 20% more air flow!
Efficient mode utilizes a 90mm double claw blade design; by separating air flow from the unique blade design, it dissipates the heat from solid fan base structure fully covers key components and delivers the best gaming experience for all gamers. Providing 20% more air flow.

Dragon Cyclone Turbo Mode, 40% more air pressure!
Turbo Mode utilizes a 90mm propeller blade that increases the air pressure immediately, cools down the heat from GPU and memory module– It’s designed for gamers who pursuit for extremely Overclocking Performance. Generating up to 40% more air flow.

Dragon Cyclone Silent Mode, 15% Less Noise Level!
Silent Mode utilizes a 90mm Scimitar Blade delivering less noise level from scimitar blade design, performs the best cooling performance without any compromise between noise level and efficient cooling. Delivering 15% lower noise level silent mode is ideal for media PC.

Model NumberSX650S1024KDDSX650C1024KDD
Graphics Processing UnitGeForce GTX 650GeForce GTX 650
CUDA Core384 cores384 cores
Graphics Clock1098MHz1124MHz
Memery Siz1024MB1024MB
Memery TypeGDDR5GDDR5
Memory Interface128-bit128-bit
Standard Display ConnecorsDL-DVI






Bus StandardPCI-Express 3.0PCI-Express 3.0
DirectX Support1111
3D VisionSupportSupport
Maximum Digital Resolution2560×16002560×1600

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