PowerColor HD 7990 Devil13 Priced at 999 Euros

Published: 28th Aug 2012, 04:30 GMT

PowerColor Announces Radeon HD 7990 Devil13 6GB | VideoCardz.com
PowerColor’s new Radeon HD 7990 Devil13 is now available in stores with a price tag of 999 Euros.

Long story short, this card is more expensive than GeForce GTX 690, which is not a good information. In fact, if we compare the CrossFire HD 7970 configuration to GTX 690 performance, the Radeon’s would be faster in few games, and slower in others, but we also have to mention the power consumption, which will be much higher with Radeon model. Also if we consider the fact that PowerColor’s card is not even a GHz Edition card (with a boost clock), then it would be much cheaper to grab two Club3D 7970’s for €370 (€740 in total).

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 is available for €917 (KFA2 GTX 680 €410), while the lowest price of PowerColor Radeon HD 7990 is €989. Also worth noticing is that GeForce GTX 690 is only a reference-based card, while PowerColors’ HD 7990 is custom-desgined, but still there is no reference model of HD 7990 and there won’t be.

Many thanks to Skr13 for a tip

by WhyCry

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