Sapphire Does not Cancel Toxic HD 7970 GHZ Edition 6GB

Published: 14th Aug 2012, 03:00 GMT

Sapphire Cancels Toxic HD 7970 GHZ Edition 6GB

Sapphire HD 7970 Toxic 6GB has not been cancelled.


“Rubbish!”, exclaimed Bill with a big smile.
“Production on a card like this will always be limited, because of the tight selection process that every component needs to go though”, he explained. “To ensure that the clocks are stable at the levels our engineers have set for the top end Toxic cards, you will always be limited in terms of how many cards than make at once”.
“We think the rumour started when all of the cards made so far, sold out in every store that was carrying them across the globe”, he said. “In almost every case, the resellers put a message saying ‘Temporarily out of stock’ or ‘Pre-order only’, but one of the largest resellers showed ‘Discontinued’ instead. And that caused a bit of a panic among enthusiasts who really wanted one”.

Original Story:

According to OBR, Sapphire has cancelled the production of 6GB Toxic graphics card.

Card was offered for $699, which was quite high, even for a 6GB card. Since it did not find many owners and the production seemed to be pointless the company has decided to drop this project once and for all.

While the card is still listed on Sapphire website as new, you may find it hard to purchase it. Even Newegg marked the product as discontinued.

Sapphire TOXIC HD 7970 GHz Edition, was the first non-reference card based on Tahiti XT2 GPU. Additionally this was the only Radeon HD 7970 to feature 6GB of memory. Card was so fresh that the reviews of this card are at most a month old.

Let’s take moment of silence for this great graphics card.

by WhyCry

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