GeForce GTX 660 Ti SLI Performance, GK104 GPU Confirmed

Published: 6th Aug 2012, 02:51 GMT

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti 2-Way SLI and Overclocked Benchmarks Exposed
First benchmarks of GTX 660 Ti in SLI have surfaced. Also there’s an update regarding 3GB version of GTX 660 Ti.

First of all, there is no 3GB version of GeForce GTX 660 Ti, this was an error when two of those cards were connected in SLI.

As for the benchmarks, those were obtained on factory-overclocked model of unknown source. The leaker has hidden the clock speeds in GPU-Z, to secure the supplier of the card.

Also there is the first picture of GPU of the GTX 660 Ti. As it was rumored earlier, card is utilizing a GK104 GPU. The exact model is GK104-300-KD-A2. This is the third iteration if this GPU with only 24 ROPs and 1344 CUDA cores enabled. As mentioned earlier the default clocks are set to 915/980/1502 MHz.

GTX 660 Ti SLI

The scores are as following:

Non-reference GeForce GTX 660 Ti

GeForce GTX 660 Ti @ (clocks unknown) – X2916, P9320
GeForce GTX 660 Ti @ (1255MHz/1333MHz/1843MHz) – X3419

Non-reference GeForce GTX 660 Ti in 2-way SLI

GeForce GTX 660 Ti SLI @ (clocks unknown) – X5556, P15855

GTX 660 Ti SLIGTX 660 Ti SLIGTX 660 Ti SLIGTX 660 Ti SLIGTX 660 Ti SLI

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