NVIDIA Also Readies GeForce GTS 650 Ti for August

Published: 5 years ago

NVIDIA is almost ready to launch their whole mid-range lineup. We all know that there’s GeForce GTX 660 coming in about a month, but it seems that there are at least two other cards being prepared as well.

GeForce GTX 660 / GTX 660 Ti and..

As far as the rumors go, there are three cards planned for release in August. From the mid-range segment we expect the GK106 based GeForce GTX 660 along with GTX 660 Ti, which is supposedly based on GK104 GPU. But according to the latest leaks, we might also see yet another card – GeForce GTS 650 Ti (it’s still not clear whether the card receives GTX or GTS naming).

GeForce GTS 650 Ti

Card will purportedly feature five streaming multiprocessors, which gives 960 CUDA cores in total. This model will likely not be equipped with the memory higher than 1.5 GB, not to mention 192-bit interface. This model should be available for around $150, but this is only the estimation.

NVIDIA refreshing GeForce GT 640

NVIDIA is also preparing a new version of GT 640, which is reported to feature GDDR5 memory. There is currently a GDDR3 version available, but it’s obviously not very fast. Card might cost a little more, since it will deliver higher memory bandwidth with some additional frames per second in few games. But still, this is not a gaming card.

NVIDIA’s Mid-range to High-end Lineup

There’s still a lot of discussion on multiple forums, people are speculating about specs of those cards, but the truth is nobody knows anything, and as long as there is no leak in some photographs we should always call those predictions. However, this gives you a quick look of how many cards are still missing from the mid-range segment of NVIDIA’s 600 series. If you have a better idea of how this list should look then write a comment below.

GeForce 600 Series GPU CUDA Cores Memory Memory Interface Launch Price Release
GeForce GT 640 D3 GK107 384 1GB / 2GB GDDR3 128-bit $99 April
GeForce GT 640 D5* GK107 384 1GB / 2GB GDDR5 128-bit $120 August
GeForce GT 650 Ti* GK106 960 1GB / 2GB GDDR5 192-bit $120 – $160 August
GeForce GTX 660* GK106 1152 1.5 GB GDDR5 192-bit $200 – $250 August
GeForce GTX 660 Ti* GK104 1344 1.5GB / 3GB GDDR5 192-bit $300 – $320 August
GeForce GTX 670 GK104 1344 2GB / 4GB GDDR5 256-bit $399 May
GeForce GTX 680 GK104 1535 2GB / 4GB GDDR5 256-bit $499 March
GeForce GTX 690 2xGK104 3072 4GB GDDR5 512-bit $999 May
*Not yet released

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