Colorful iGame GTX 670 Flame Ares X with Shark Bionic Cooler Detailed

Published: 9th Jul 2012, 03:24 GMT

Colorful iGame GTX 670 Shark Bionic Detailed
Few days ago company was teasing us with their new cooler, which was purportedly inspired by the sharks. Now we have more information about the card that comes with this cooler.

Colorful’s iGame GTX 670 Shark Bionic based on Kepler GK104-325-A2 (GeForce GTX 670), features 1344 CUDA cores with 112 TMUs and 32 ROPs. Card is equipped with a reference 2GB GDDR5 Hynix memory. By default, it arrives with a standard clocks of 915/967/1502 MHz for base/boost/memory respectively. But it has a special switch to choose clocks preset, unfortunately those clocks were not yet revealed. As for the details, it comes with 6+2 phase power design and good quality Japanse capacitors. It does offer a two DVI’s, HDMI and DisplayPort. Cooler which was already described in earlier post, is featuring nine 6mm heatpies, two fans and it’s compatible with Air-Kit heatsink expansion (that’s Colorful’s external radiator).

Source does not mention any release date and a price tag.

by WhyCry

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