Sapphire Preparing New Toxic and Vapor-X Models

Published: 22nd Jun 2012, 00:55 GMT

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Sapphire Technology Web Site
Following the announcement by AMD of the availability of the HD 7970 GHz Edition, the latest product using its highly acclaimed Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, SAPPHIRE Technology, one of the World’s leading manufacturers and a global supplier of graphics cards, is happy to announce that this latest generation of GPUs from AMD will form the basis of several cutting edge new models.

Within the next few weeks, SAPPHIRE will introduce the eagerly awaited TOXIC Edition and Vapor-X models in its HD 7970 family. The TOXIC Edition is a limited edition factory overclocked model – delivering best in class performance and targeted at the enthusiast. The Vapor-X models use SAPPHIRE’s exclusive Vapour Chamber cooling technology to deliver optimised performance whilst retaining low noise and cool operation.

Full specifications will be announced as the products become available.

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