VideoCardz News #2

Published: 17th Jun 2012, 13:02 GMT

VideoCardz News #2
We are back with the newest topics related to GPU industry. This week was rather boring, since Computex is over, there were almost no new graphics cards released.

Linus Torvald says “Fuck you, NVIDIA” for “Not supporting Linux” (Ubergizmo)

Quote: During an interview in Finland, Linus Torvald who is the man behind the Linux Kernel and the Git source-control software, expressed his frustration if not sheer anger with NVIDIA, which he says is “the worst trouble spot” that he ever had to work with, before giving the finger to the camera.

Huge GTX570 overstock delays GTX660 until August (KitGuru)

Quote: While the product marketing teams want to push, push, push on the latest and greatest products, it is the job of the bean counting logistics teams to ensure that the channels plate is clean before serving up he next course of graphics goodness. Up close and personal with an nVidia partner in old Taipei, KitGuru uses its feminine charms to elicit explicit details on the GTX660 delay.

Apple launches MacBook Pro with 2880×1800 Retina Display powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT650M (NVIDIA)

Quote: The all-new next-generation MacBook Pro model dazzles the eyes with a stunning 15-inch Retina Display, the highest resolution ever for a notebook. It’s sleek and thin, with a battery that lasts all day. And, to get energy-efficient performance to power its 2880×1800 Retina Display, Apple chose the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M notebook GPU.

Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Performance Preview (3DCenter)

We are two to three weeks before GHz Edition launches. Thanks to a great review by HT4U, and analysis made by 3DCenter, we have a first insight, what might we expect from this new card.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 SOC White Edition Unboxing (Linus Tech Tips)

Take a look at new SOC Edition from Galaxy. 8 minute-long video will give more information than you’d probably need about this card.

TheTechSource.Tv 2 Years Radeon 7990 Leaked, Noctua at Computex, i3 “Ivy Bridge” , Skype Ads!?! (Youtube)

Dan and Dave are regularly publishing videos with the most important information from multiple sources of technology websites. You should subscribe!

First rumored specs of Radeon HD 8000 Series (3DCenter)

Yes, those are probably not the actual specs which we will see with new series, but some details are pretty solid. They made this comparison of previous series, so you can compare how did the performance change since the last series. Generally, those specifications are quite possible.

And finally,

New is coming

Here’s a small teaser of new VideoCardz. I have announced this quite some time ago. But I’m almost ready with the new design of VideoCardz, which brings many cool features — like CSS3 animations. This will launch in a few weeks. If you have any requests regarding new version of VC, then feel free to write a comment below.

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