Colorful Presents World’s First LN2 Customized Version Card

Published: 4th Jun 2012, 23:43 GMT

Colorful Unveils Graphics Card Cooler with Modular Air + LN2 Design | techPowerUp
Guys over TechPowerUP have found quite an interesting card – a Colorful’s first custom designed card, which will use liquid nitrogen as a coolant (optionally).

Since this cooler is devoted to LN2 cooling then temperature dissipation throughout the whole card is very important. It was designed with multiple heatpipes and a large copper vapor chamber which covers GPU, memory and VRM section.

However, this cooler comes with a fan as default. Fan, which can be removed to insert LN2 evaporator. So this cooling solution is quite convertible for multiple purposes. You might want to check LN2 cooling some time, but when you run out of fuel, then just attach the fan and enjoy your standard cooling.

The most important thing that is worth mentioning is the fact, that this is only a prototype of the cooler that MIGHT some day be fully implemented to Colorful’s lineup.

by WhyCry

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