GeForce GTX 660 May Be Unveiled At Computex

Published: 29th May 2012, 05:50 GMT

GeForce GTX 660 To be Unveiled At Computex
There’s a lot of speculation whether NVIDIA will release their new GK104 based card in upcoming months or even next week. The latest rumors say that some AIB partners will reveal their new GTX 660 cards during Computex in Taipei.

We should take this information with a grain of salt, mostly because two previous leaks suggested it not coming in at least 3 to 5 months. But apparently, we might expect it even sooner than we thought. According to VR-Zone, this new card will be presented by some manufacturers during Computex event, which is held in Taipei starting from June 5th.

New graphics card, which is based on GK104 GPU would feature four SMX clusters, with 768 CUDA cores (that’s two times less than GTX 680).

As the story about GTX 660 gets detailed, we learn that it will cost at least $300, which is more than it’s predecessor of GTX 560 Ti 448 (the most powerful variant of GTX 560).

A photoshopped picture of alleged GTX 660 card is also released throughout the web. Although this is in fact MSI GTX 670, with this unfortunate typo on the box, we can learn that it comes with one 6-pin power connector, to consume up to 150 Watts — and this information is verified by some sources of VR-Zone.

It’s quite possible that NVIDIA may release their GeForce GTX 660 next week, while 660 Ti model would be unveiled during summer.

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