EVGA GeForce GTX 670 Lineup Detailed, Signature Listed For $409.99

Published: 9th May 2012, 00:50 GMT

EVGA GeForce GTX 670 Signature Listed for $409
EVGA is preparing at least three versions of upcoming GeForce GTX 670 card. WCCFTech found GTX 670 Signature model listed for $409.99 with full specs included.

EVGA GTX 670 Signature is a model equipped with non-reference cooling solution. Packed with 1344 CUDA Cores, 112 Texture Units and 32 Raster Operating Units, is a new cut-down version of Kepler GK104 GPU. Card is clocked at 915 MHz with a boost clock of 980 MHz, which is a default clock for all reference GTX 670 cards. This model is also equipped with short PCB, so basically the only difference between pure reference product is the Vapor Chamber cooling. There is also a Signature+ version, which will include backplate.

EVGA is also preparing two other factory-overclocked variants of GTX 670 card. First is EVGA GTX 670  SuperClocked Signature, which is set to 1046 MHz base clock with a slight effective memory speed increase to 6210 MHz. EVGA GTX 670 SuperClocked Signature+ comes with a backplate.

There is also one more EVGA GTX 670 card listed in Italian shop (at least it was), with a base clock of 980 MHz, so it’s a overclocked version too.

We should expect at least 4 models released by EVGA tomorrow including Signature, SuperClocked Signature and reference cards. It’s not yet known if there’s a HydroCooper or FTW versions coming right after. GTX 670 Signature model has been listed for $409.99, which is a nice price for non-reference cooled card.

As you can see there’s a model with 4GB of memory, this information was leaked by Amazon (product page is already down).

CardModels Clocks(Base/Boost/Memory)[MHz]
pnyEVGA GTX 670 2GB915 / 980 / 6008
evga signatureEVGA GTX 670 Signature 2GB915 / 980 / 6008
evga signatureEVGA GTX 670 Signature+ (with backplate) 2GB915 / 980 / 6008
evga signatureEVGA GTX 670 SuperClocked Signature 2GB
1046 / – / 6200
evga signatureEVGA GTX 670 SuperClocked Signature+ 4GB (with backplate)1046 / – / 6200

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