NVIDIA Sends GeForce GTX 690 For Reviews in a Wooden Box

Published: 30th Apr 2012, 06:57 GMT

It's here... NVIDIA's next GTX?
NVIDIA has announced their flagship dual-gpu GeForce GTX 690 two days ago. But actual release is planned for May 3rd. So far, none of the reviewers has received their unit for tests. But this is about to change.

It was coming, and now it’s here. Hardware Heaven crew has just received one for tests. Actually we can only guess if that’s GTX 690, because they decided to tease with the readers by not telling them anything else. Fortunately, you have VideoCardz and no secrets at all.

So if you remember the crowbar, then you will know what was it designed for. GeForce GTX 690 comes in a large box with a Weapons Grade Gaming Power warning.

Maybe some of you can unravel this riddle:


If you can’t then I will help you – 1010110010 in binary means 690 in decimal number system.

And here are more pics from TechBang.com:

by WhyCry

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