NVIDIA Releases GeForce GT 630, GT 645 and three GT 640s To OEMs

Published: 24th Apr 2012, 08:42 GMT

GeForce GT 640 (OEM) - GeForce
NVIDIA has just added new graphics cards to its GeForce 600 Series lineup. Not all of these cards are rebranded Fermi chips as predicted earlier.

NVIDIA decided to mix some Fermi and Kepler GPUs to this entry-level segment. The most powerful of those cards is GeForce GT 645, based on Fermi GF114, the very same GPU known for recently released GTX 560 SE.

There are also three variants of GeForce GT 640, they differ in memory type, bus width and GPU used. Two of them are using brand new Kepler GK107 GPU, which is featuring 384 CUDA cores, 24 TMUs and 16 ROPs. Core clock varies from 720 MHz on Fermi chip to 950MHz on Kepler. The GT 640 based on GF116 will feature up to 3 GB of GDDR3 ram.

It all gets interesting when we compare GeForce GT 630 with the slowest GT 640. Both cards are based on the same GK107 GPU, but surprisingly, GT 630 is actually better and will feature better performance as a result.

All of those cards are however intended for OEMs only.  On the contrary, we should expect retail GK107 cards in near future.


GeForce GT 630GeForce GT 640GeForce GT 640GeForce GT 640GeForce GT 645
CUDA Cores:384384144384288
Core Clock:875 MHz797 MHz720 MHz950 MHz776 MHz
Shaders Clock:875 MHz797 MHz1440 MHz950 MHz1552 MHz
Memory Clock:891 MHz891 MHz891 MHz2500 MHz1914 MHz
Memory Type:1 or 2GB GDDR3 128-bit1 or 2GB GDDR3 128-bit1.5 or 3GB GDDR3 192-bit1 or 2GB GDDR5 128-bit1GB GDDR5 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth28.5 GB/s28.4 GB/s43 GB/s80 GB/s91.9 GB/s
Open GL:
TDP:50 W50 W75 W75 W140 W

GeForce GT 645

GeForce GT 640

GeForce GT 630

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