GeForce GTX 670 To Be Released on May 10th

Published: 20th Apr 2012, 07:50 GMT

Geforce GTX 670 dyker upp i maj - Grafikkort - have some great sources of information, at least claiming they have. Latest rumors suggest that GeForce GTX 670 will be released on May 10th. Thats few days after GTX 690.

If you are really interested in rumors and you are a true of NVIDIA GeForce graphics card then you should be happy about next weeks. The latest rumors say that NVIDIA will release their dual-gpu card between April 30th and May 5th — thats after Intel releases their Ivy Bridge chips. May timeline is quite dense, we have: releasing of GTX 690, releasing of GTX 670, GTC 2012 conference and if that’s even true, a releasing of GeForce 600 mid-range graphics card (GTX 660, GTX 650 etc).

So what is new is a release date of GeForce GTX 670 (a non-Ti version), which, as mentioned above, will take place on May 10th. We have currently no confirmation about specifications of both Ti and non-Ti models, but it seems that we will have to wait for Ti version a bit longer.

GeForce GTX 670 is based on a cut-down version of GK104 GPU. It will be equipped with more than 1000 CUDA cores (1152 or 1344). Previous leaks suggested that it will have 2GB of ram, just like GTX 680. Both Ti and non-Ti card will be available for around $400.

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