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Published: 16th Apr 2012, 08:16 GMT

Palit JetStream GeForce GTX 680 4GB Video Card Review :: TweakTown USA Edition
TweakTown is the first website to provide full GeForce GTX 680 4GB version review. Read it carefully before you decide to choose 4GB variant.


2GB of GDDR5 always seemed like a weird amount of memory to have on the latest NVIDIA video card, the GTX 680. It’s not that 2GB isn’t a lot, it’s just that we’re at the point where we feel when spending in excess of 1 613,23 zł(1 613,23 zł($500)), we’d have a video card that carried a minimum of 3GB.

The second we knew the card came in 2GB flavor, though, we knew that it wouldn’t take long for someone to come out and offer us a variant with 4GB. Just like they were the first to offer us a custom designed version, today they’re the first to offer us a 4GB version. Of course we’re talking about Palit.

The other week we looked at the Palit Jetstream GTX 680 2GB in not only single card form, but also in SLI. Impressed with what was on offer from the card we were excited to see what doubling the memory to 4GB would do.

by WhyCry

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