Swiftech Releases Komodo HD7970 Waterblock for Radeon HD 7970

Published: 7th Apr 2012, 02:35 GMT

Swiftech Officially Rolls-Out the Komodo HD7970 Waterblock for Radeon HD 7970 CardsSwiftech today announced the release for retail sales of the Komodo HD7970 waterblock for AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 graphics card.

Covering the full-length of the card to protect its fragile components, and featuring an enhanced thermal design, illuminated bridge, and a comprehensive package including single-slot PCI bracket and a back-plate, this is the most sophisticated full-cover waterblock offered by Swiftech to date. Companion accessories complete the offering with optional CrossFireX bridges and adjustable connectors for multiple card configurations.

“We took our sweet time to release this product, but in the end I think the result was worth the wait!”

Said Gabriel Rouchon Swiftech’s Chairman & CTA.

MSRP & Product Page Links:

Komodo HD7970: $154.95
XFire X2 bridge: $21.95
XFire X3 bridge: $27.95
Connectors: $4.49 to $7.95

by WhyCry

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