AMD Radeon HD 7990 Specification Leaks Out

Published: 20th Mar 2012, 07:15 GMT

Radeon HD 7990 Specification Leaks Out has released a rumored specifications of Radeon HD 7990.

Card, which is coming in April, will be based on dual-gpu solution. Radeon HD 7990 will have two Tahiti cores. This card would have a performance comparable to Radeon HD 7970 on CrossFire. This dual-gpu graphics adapter will likely be very expensive (reported around $700-800 – Radeon HD 6990 was priced $699 on a launch).

Radeon HD 7990 will have a core clock of 850 MHz (which is less than Radeon HD 7970). Memory clock is reported at a level of 1250 MHz (5.0 GHz effective). It will be equipped with two Tahiti cores, with 2048 stream processors, 128 texture units and 32 raster operating units. It will probably be equipped with 3GB of GDDR5 memory on 384-bit interface.

 Radeon HD 7990Radeon HD 6990GeForce GTX 690GeForce GTX 590
Core Clock:850 MHz830 MHz~1000 MHz607 MHz
Memory Clock:1250 MHz (5.0 GHz)1250 MHz (5.0 GHz)~1502 MHz (6 GHz)850 MHz (3.4 GHz)
Memory Interface:768-bit (2×384-bit)512-bit (2×256-bit)512-bit (2×256-bit)768-bit (2×384-bit)
Memory Buffer:6144 MB4096 MB4096 MB3072 MB
Memory Bandwidth:~320 GB/s~327 GB/s
Stream Processors:4096307230721024
Texture Units:256192256128
Raster Operating Units:64646496
PCI-Express Support:
DirectX Support:
TDP~330 W375 W~330 W365 W

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