Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Pictured and Tested [Update]

Published: 19th Mar 2012, 08:19 GMT Forums member ironman86 has posted a pictures of GeForce GTX 680 from Gigabyte. This proves that GTX 680 cards are already being sent to stores. We should expect availability of this card next week.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 (GV-N680D5-2GD-B) is a reference designed card with default clocks. Card has a custom sticker preseting something like lightsaber. Card is powered by dual 6-pin connector, which proves all the rumors about this stacked connector to be true. This is the first retail card to be pictured.

Default clock is set to 706 MHz. So shaders are clocked twice as fast (1411 MHz). Latest rumors and leaks suggest that default clock is 1006 MHz, as a base clock. This card has dynamic overclocking implemented, so this 706 MHz seen on GPU-Z screenshot, may not represent actual default clock of GTX 680. (Update: as we said, GPU-Z 0.6 displays valid clock of 1006 MHz). Memory is running at 1502 MHz which is 6 GHz effectively. Gigabytes’ card was equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM with a bandwidth of 192.3 GB/s. As reported ealier, this card is featuring 1536 CUDA cores.

Updated with more detailed pictures. Price is 2090 Malaysian ringgits, which is $684. (including taxes, US price will be at least $100 less.

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