GeForce GTX 690 To Be Released In May

Published: 5 years ago

nVidia Kepler DualChip-Lösung auf GK104-Basis im Mai |
According to, dual-gpu GK104 is expected between 14th to 17th May. NVIDIA is planning their GeForce GTX 690 just after AMD releases their dual-chip Radeon HD 7990, which is most likely to come in late March.

NVIDIA was disapointed with AMD Radeon 7000 series performance. They were waiting for AMD’s three most important Radeon segments, which are high-end, performance and mid-range cards. Since AMD has just released their Radeon 7800 series, NVIDIA has full lineup of most important cards from its main opponent.

3DCenter focuses on new Kepler design, suggesting that GeForce GTX 690 would be much more powerful than GTX 590. GeForce GTX 590 was only 40% faster than GTX 580. Site predicts that GTX 690 may be 65-75% faster than GTX 680. Rather than that Radeon HD 7990 may also be much better dual-gpu solution than its predecessor. Therefore, it may be hard to choose between these two cards, since they may offer similar performance.

  Stream Processors TMUs ROPs BUS TDP Performance
GeForce GTX 690 (2xGK104) 3072 256 64 2 x 256-bit ~330W 525%
Radeon HD 7990 (2xTahiti XT) 4096 256 64 2 x 384-bit ~300W 520%
GeForce GTX 685 (GK110) 2304 192 48 384-bit ~250W 420%
Radeon HD 7970 (Tahiti XT) 2048 128 32 384-bit ~200W 330%
GeForce GTX 680 (GK104) 1536 128 32 256-bit ~190W 310%
GeForce GTX 670 (GK104) ~1280 128 32 256-bit ~160W 300%
Radeon HD 7950 (Tahiti Pro) 1792 112 32 384-bit ~155W 290%

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