AFOX Preparing Single Slot Radeon HD 7850

Published: 9th Mar 2012, 18:03 GMT

AFOX shows off single slot Radeon HD 7850 at CeBIT by
AFOX is the first manufacturer to present Radeon HD 7850 which requires only one slot. Card was presented during CeBIT.

A company from Honk Kong showed off the first Radeon HD 7850 with single slot custom cooling solution. Card is named AF7850-1024D5S1. It features four connectors: HDMI, dual-link DVI, DisplayPort and miniDisplayPort.

AFOX HD 7850 slightly overclocked to 900MHz. However, this model has lesser memory (1024MB) and its actually underclocked to effective 4.5 GHz.

by WhyCry

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