One GTX 680 Runs Samaritan Demo As Fast As Three GTX 580s

Published: 8th Mar 2012, 06:06 GMT

Articles: Epic Shows Samaritan Demo Running On Next-Generation NVIDIA ‘Kepler’ GPU - GeForce
During Game Developers Conference Epic Games together with NVIDIA have presented a Samaritan Demo running one one Kepler GPU. Last year they presented the same demo but with three GeForce GTX 580 gpus.

Samaritan Demo is a dark and futuristic demo of Unreal Engine advanced features. Most objects are generated using tessellation technology. Demo also presents advanced morphed facial features, realistic street scene, advanced shadows and light rendering. It is all done in real time.

Last year it took three GeForce GTX 580s to generate acceptable framerate in this demo. During GTC 2012 it was presented using just one Kepler graphics card. As we already know, new Kepler graphics use advanced optimization techniques and almost 3 times more CUDA cores than GTX 580. But it wasn’t just the Kepler gpu to run this demo. NVIDIA also used its Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) which is to improve current MSAA. Long story short, the use of FXAA allowed NVIDIA to run this demo with a card with lesser memory on board.

Unfortunately, no detailed information about Kepler was released beside this demo.

by WhyCry

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