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Published: 5th Mar 2012, 04:49 GMT

AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB Reference Video Card Review :: TweakTown USA Edition
Already really impressed with what the AMD HD 7850 2GB is able to offer us, it’s time to see what its big brother, the brand new Radeon HD 7870, is able to bring to the table with its higher $349 price tag. If what we’ve already seen from the new series is anything to go by, though, we’re expecting some good things out of the higher end model.

We’ve mentioned a lot about our thoughts on the HD 7700 series as a whole along with the general thought process on each model and like we’ve said every time, while AMD has the HD 6800 series at a similar price point, the HD 7700 series continues to lose its shine as it sits slower.

The HD 7800 series and HD 7900 series on the other hand don’t have any competition within their own camp giving us a price point from AMD that isn’t offered at the moment. So far we’ve seen the HD 7850 hits that $249 price tag perfectly. Now we want to find out if the extra $100 associated with the HD 7870 is worth the jump up.

by WhyCry

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