NVIDIA: Kepler is Unbeatable

Published: 1st Mar 2012, 09:43 GMT

NVIDIA: Kepler is Unbeatable
NVIDIA Italy has posted an interesting ‘statement’ on their facebook wall. According to them it is worth to wait for Kepler, because … it will be unbeatable.

While everyone awaits for new leaks regarding specifications, photographs and benchmarks, marketing is very important. NVIDIA knows that very well and is very careful about releasing any information about upcoming Kepler graphics. Nevertheless, this short sentence is actually the first NVIDIAs statement this year regarding performance of future Kepler GeForce 600 series.

They wrote in original Italian language:

Aspettando Kepler… pazienza, pazienza, pazienza che il momento giusto arriverà, e allora… non ce ne sarà più per nessuno!

Which means:

Waiting for Kepler … patience, patience, patience, the right time will come, and then … it will be unbeatable!

Yes. That is all they wrote, nothing less nothing more. First Kepler graphics cards are to be released in late March or beginning of April.

by WhyCry

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