NVIDIA GeForce GeForce GTX 650 Ti GK107 PCB Leaks Out

Published: 21st Feb 2012, 14:01 GMT

NVIDIA GK107 Details Surface
VR-Zone has released a diagram of GK107 PCB. It is very similar to GeForce GT 440 (GF108), which GK107 is likely to replace.

According to VR-Zone this GPU was first sampled in September 2011. It was designed for multiple N13 GeForce M and also N14 Quadro M GPUs. GK107 is also planned to be released in two variants for desktop cards. First one codenamed GK107-200 is built on D14M-20 SKU, while the GK107-300 will be mounted on D14P1-10 SKU. The latest news suggest that GK107-200 would probably be equipped with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. Therefore GK107-300 would support both GDDR3 and GDDR5 memory type.

Cooling system is quite similar to GeForce GT 440, which actually has the same dimensions. GeForce GK107, just as GK108, will support 128-bit memory interface.

Cards based on GK107 will have one DVI-I DL, one DVI-D or HDMI output and probably one mini-DisplayPort. These cards are expected in Q2 2012. Naming is not yet revelead by NVIDIA, but it may be called GeForce GTX 650 Ti or GTS 650.

by WhyCry

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