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Published: 15th Feb 2012, 03:21 GMT

AMD Radeon HD 7770 And 7750 Review: Familiar Speed, Less Power : Meet Radeon HD 7770 And 7750
These are the lowest-end cards built using AMD’s new Graphics Core Next architecture. Is 28 nm manufacturing, a fresh design, and new functionality enough to warrant upgrading existing value-oriented champs like the Radeon HD 6850 and GeForce GTX 460?

If you’re a regular Tom’s Hardware reader, then you’re already familiar with our monthly Best Graphics Cards for the Money column, written by Don Woligroski. Basically, Don maintains a list of the most value-oriented purchases at a number of given price points to help game enthusiasts make purchasing decisions. Once upon a time, the list was absolutely dominated by hardware from Nvidia. Slowly, though, I’ve watched it shift the other direction. And each month, as I’m editing the column, I grill Don on his selections in order to make sure the right recommendations make it in.

Well, for February, there were 18 total cards in his list, split between full endorsements and less enthusiastic honorable mentions. Fourteen of those were AMD cards. Four came from Nvidia. Under $200, every single card was a Radeon. Every. Single. One.

by WhyCry

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