GeForce Kepler GK104 (GeForce GTX 680) Specification

Published: 11th Feb 2012, 04:41 GMT

Real NVIDIA Kepler, GK104, GeForce GTX 680 Specification
According to Bright Side of News and 3DCenter, GeForce Kepler based GK104 gpu specification is now finally known.

BSN reports that NVIDIA is most likely to name Kepler GK104 – GeForce GTX 680. Not only is it significantly faster than GeForce GTX 580, but also it is than Radeon HD 7950. Actually it competes with Radeon HD 7970 for far less money ($349-399 for GK104 vs. $549 for HD7970).

GK104 features 1536 CUDA cores combined in 4 GPCs (Graphics Processing Clusters). It is packed with 96 Stream Processors in 4 Streaming Multiprocessors (SM). According to BSN GK104 features 2GB GDDR5 of RAM running at 1250 MHz (5GHz), with a bandwidth of 160 GB/s. Core clock is not yet determined, however, NVIDIA is doing their best to present card with final clock exceeding 1GHz.

NVIDIA is preparing multiple variations of Kepler based gpus. Nevertheless, none of the specifications is either confirmed or official. Actually, we don’t even know which specs present which card, because NVIDIA is not yet sure how to name them.

Kepler Based GPUs Variations

  • 96 Stream Processors (1 Stream Multiprocessor)
  • 384 Stream Processors (1 Graphics Processing Cluster)
  • 768 Stream Processors (2 Graphics Processing Clusters)
  • 1536 Stream Processors (4 Graphics Processing Clusters)
  • 2304 Stream Processors (6 Graphics Processing Clusters)
 GeForce GTX 680 (GK104)GeForce GTX 580 (GF110)
Stream Processors1536512
Texture Units128128
Raster Operating Units3248
Core Clock950-1000 MHz772 MHz
Memory Clock1250 MHz (5 GHz effective)2004 MHz
Memory Type2048 MB GDDR51536 MB GDDR5
Memory Interface256-bit384-bit
Memory Bandwidth~160 GB/s192.4 GB/s
Computing Power Single Precision~ 3 TFlops~ 1.5 GFlops

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