AMD Radeon HD 7770 and 7750 Final Specification and Release Date

Published: 10th Feb 2012, 11:19 GMT

Complete Specifications of AMD Radeon Cape Verde based HD7770/7750 Graphic Cards Leaked
3DGamers have compiled the final specification of upcoming Radeon HD 77xx graphics cards. Both cards feature 128-bit memory interface and 16 raster operating units. Radeon HD 7700 and 7750 are expected to be released on 15h February.

AMD is slowly presenting their full Radeon HD 7000 lineup. First were the high-end Radeons HD 7900 for enthusiast, now it’s time for mid-range market to be refreshed with new cards.

If you didn’t spend your Christmas cash gifts already, you can prepare it for buying new graphics card. Radeon HD 7770 (Cape Verde XT) is a replacement for HD 6770/5770, while Radeon HD 7750 (Cape Verde Pro) is a replacement for Radeon HD 6750/5750. Benchmarks of Cape Verde XT were leaked a month ago (card is slower than HD 6870 or 5850 – has 43% of Radeon HD 7970 performance).

 Radeon HD 7770Radeon HD 7750Radeon HD 6770Radeon HD 6750
GPU NameCape Verde XTCape Verde ProRV840/JuniperRV840/Juniper
Process28 nm28 nm40 nm40 nm
Core Clock1000 MHz800 MHz850 MHz700 MHz
Memory Clock2250 MHz2250 MHz2400 MHz2300 MHz
Memory Capacity1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB1024 MB
Memory Type 128-bit GDDR5128-bit GDDR5128-bit GDDR5128-bit GDDR5
Bandwidth72 GB/s72 GB/s76.8 GB/s73 GB/s
Computing Power1280 GFlops819 GFlops1360 GFlops1032 GFlops
Power Draw80 W55 W108 W86 W
Shader Units640512800720
Texture Units40324036
Raster Units16161616
TechnologyPCI-E 3.0, DX11.1PCI-E 3.0, DX11.1PCI-E 2.1, DX11PCI-E 2.1, DX11
Launch Price€115€100~~

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