Kepler GK-110 Details Leak Out, GeForce 600 Series Spefication Overview

Published: 7th Feb 2012, 11:42 GMT

GK110 tapes out at last | SemiAccurate
SemiAccurate unveil information about size of another Kepler gpu. GK-110 (flagship NVIDIA 600 series model) is measured at 550 mm^2.

Kepler GK-110, probably GeForce GTX 680 or 780, has 23.5 mm on a side. Die size is 550mm^2m which is comparable to Fermi series – 529/550mm^2. GeForce Kepler is to be released in late Q3 2012. GK-110 requires up to 300 Watts and is operating on 384-bit interface. Previous information suggest that GK-110 would be a base gpu for GTX680, GTX670 and GTX660 Ti, which differ in shader operating units count and interface width.

Over the weekend some website posted alleged full specification of whole GeForce 600 series. Although, credibility of this portal is quite low it may actually be a good analysis of gpu market.

ModelGPUDie SizeStream UnitsSM CountROPsMemory Clock (effective)MemoryMemory Bus WidthTransistorsPrice PointRelease DatePerformance
GTX690GK-110 x2550mm22×10242×322×564.5 GHz3072 MB GDDR5 448-bit504GB/s12.8B999$Q3 2012
GTX680GK-110550mm2102432645.5 GHz2048 MB GDDR5 512-bit352GB/s6.4B649$Apr-12~45%>HD7970
GTX670GK-110550mm289628565 GHz1792 MB GDDR5 448-bit280GB/s6.4B499$Apr-12~20%>HD7970
GTX660TiGK-110550mm276824485 GHz1536 MB GDDR5 384-bit240GB/s6.4B399$Q2/Q3 2012~10%>HD7950
GTX660GK-104290mm251216325.8 GHz2048 GDDR5 256-bit186GB/s3.4B319$Apr-12~GTX580
GTX650TiGK-104290mm244814285.5 GHz1792 MB GDDR5 224-bit154GB/s3.4B249$Q2/Q3 2012~GTX570
GTX650GK-106155mm22568245.5 GHz1536 MB GDDR5 192-bit132GB/s1.8B179$May-12~GTX560
GTX640GK-106155mm21926165.5 GHz2048 GDDR5 128-bit88GB/s1.8B139$May-12~GTX550Ti

Source of this information is known for spreading unverified specifications only to increase pageviews, that is why we do not link to them. What is interesting is the fact that many portals repost this data as a full specification. Usually many people have inside information about upcoming gpu models, reposting this data on multiple websites suggest that some of this data is actually true. Also Charlie (SemiAccurate) has confirmed that GK-110 has a die size of 550mm^2, which confirms die size mentioned in this table.

It is also worth mentioning that on official NVIDIA forums there is an information that upcoming dekstop NVIDIA GeForce series are to be named 700, while 600 are targetted for mobile market. People claim that this information was found in files of newest ForceWare drivers. Only time will verify this rumor.

by WhyCry

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