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Published: 30th Jan 2012, 22:46 GMT

PowerColor HD7950 PCS+ Review | Overclockers
Oh, what a glorious day it is here in Tahiti…no, you didn’t just jump in to my vacation blog. We are here today to review the PowerColor HD 7950 PCS+. If this card is anything like its big brother, the HD 7970, this card should be another monster. Let’s see how it compares against that and other high-end GPUs.

Listed in the table below are the high level features of the card. Some details such as the actual TDP of the card are not listed as that information from PowerColor was not available at the time we published. Another esteemed reviewer and editor, Hokiealumnus, has kindly shown more details the Tahiti architecture. You can get that information from his review of the HD 7970. Some of the major differences one may notice off the top is the number of shaders coming in at 1792 for the 7950 and 2048 in the 7970. The core clocks and memory speeds also come in notably lower at 880 MHz and 1275 MHz on the PowerColor PCS+version versus 925 MHz core and 1375 MHz memory on the 7970.

by WhyCry

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