AMD Continues Rebranding HD6000 To HD7000 Series, Five Graphics Cards Released

Published: 6th Jan 2012, 03:08 GMT

AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series OEM Models Revealed
AMD has decided to refresh some of their previous HD6000 Series graphics cards by naming them into HD7000 Series. To make a long story short, AMD has released five HD7000 Series graphics cards to OEMs.

Radeon HD 6670 is now HD 7670, Radeon HD 6570 is now HD 7570 and so on. Those graphics cards are designed for low-end and mid-range market and are not available for regular customer. These are the only graphics cards from HD7000 Series made in 40nm process.

Tom’s hardware has prepared a table with a specificaiton overview of all those new graphics cards.

OEM BrandRadeon

HD 7670


HD 7570


HD 7470/HD 7450


HD 7350

Chip Turks Turks Caicos Caicos
Production 40 nm 40 nm 40 nm 40 nm
Clock Speed 800 MHz 650 MHz 625 to 750 MHz 400 to 650 MHz
Shader Units


96 (5D) 96 (5D) 32 (5D) 32 (5D)
ROPs 8 8 4 4
TMUs 24 24 8 8
Memory Amount 512MB-1GB

GDDR5 memory

DDR3 512MB-2GB




Not Listed
Memory Clock 1000 MHz 900 MHz DDR3

1000 MHz DDR5

533-800 MHz DDR3

800-900 MHz GDDR5

400 MHz DDR3

Up to 800 MHz GDDR5

Memory Interface 128-bit 128-bit 64-bit 64-bit

by WhyCry

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