No NVIDIA 600 Series? Leaked GTX 780 (Kepler) Benchmark

Published: 17th Dec 2011, 14:03 GMT

“Kepler” Based GeForce GTX 780 Outperforms GTX 580 -
Many of us think that NVIDIA’s next generation graphics will be called GeForce 600 series, however, a slide leaked by PCINLIFE suggested that “Kepler” would be named after GeForce 700 series.

The slide showed the performance comparison between GTX 580 and GTX 780, test bed included Core i7-3960X CPU, Windows 7 64-bit OS,297 series graphics driver, resolution of 2560*1600,AA/AF enabled. As the test result indicated, GTX 780 outperformed GTX 580 by a large margin, with performance increase ranging from 50%-100%.

Although the source didn’t clearly point out the GTX 780 would be NVIDIA’s flagship “Kepler”, the portrait may explain everything.

by WhyCry

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