KFA2 working on new GTX 570 MDT

Published: 26th Oct 2011, 07:38 GMT

KFA2 working on new GTX 570 MDT card
KFA2, a company known for its quite innovative Nvidia based graphics cards is preparing a new card based on the GTX 570 design, the KFA2 GTX 570 MDT (Multi Display Technology). The card is scheduled to launch next month, but we managed to score some early details and specs.

Since we are talking about MDT series card, this one will feature support for quad 1080p displays and surround gaming with up to three 1080p displays. We still don’t have the clocks but the card will feature factory overclock. It uses custom aluminum cooler, custom black PCB and even features the ASIC chip for some unique voltage control features in case you are craving for additional overclock.

The card features three DVI-D, one Dual-link DVI and one mini-HDMI output. In case you are wondering, it can run Battlefield 3 and we have pictures to prove it. You can check out some pictures of the card below and we’ll surely keep an eye out for offical announcement.

by WhyCry

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