AMD Demonstrates Radeon HD 7000 at Event

Published: 13th Sep 2011, 16:32 GMT

AMD has showcased new engineering sample of Radeon HD 7000 gpu at their media event hosted in San Francisco. David Cummings presents working sample of first 28nm gpu codenamed Southern Islands.

Today, we provided an early look at our upcoming 28nm next-gen notebook discrete GPU, driving Codemasters’ cutting-edge driving simulator, Dirt 3, demonstrating that we have working 28nm technology in house and already delivering a great gaming experience,

says AMD statement.

No technical datasheet, no specifications. This event only shows that AMD is ready with their working samples for production. David Cummings presents working sample of mobile radeon.

Unfortunately, given the rumours that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has issues with 28nm production ramp and recently even hiked the quotes on 28nm wafers, it is unclear whether AMD will be able to release its new GPUs in volume, or those will be limited edition products.

The 28nm generation of AMD’s graphics processors will be rather broad. In fact, it is rumoured that even within Southern Islands family there will be chips with VLIW4 architecture as well as more progressive so-called GCN (graphics core next) architecture.

The news-story is set to be updated as more details transpire.


by WhyCry

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